IHSAA Foundation Funding Initiatives for 2021-22

  • Member-School Grants
    • We are developing a brand new member-school grant program that will directly benefit and impact student-athletes starting in spring 2022.
    • We will provide funding for the creation of Student Athletic Councils at member-schools and attendance at the IHSAA Student Leadership Conference.
  • Scholarships
    • We will award a total of 22 scholarships to deserving student-athletes worth over $40,000—a substantial increase from the nine scholarships we funded last year!
  • Athletic Director/Coach Development
    • We want every high school athletic administrator and coach in Indiana to participate in the transformational InSideOut Initiative leadership training program.
  • Officials Recruitment
    • We will continue helping the IHSAA recruit and retain high school officials. Because with no high school officials, there are no high school sports!


InSideOut Initiative

Consistent with the first tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, the purpose of the InSideOut Program is to transform the “win-at-all-costs” sports culture into an opportunity to teach life lessons that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

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Habitudes for Athletes

Consistent with the second tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, Habitudes for Athletes is designed to help develop character and leadership skills among student-athletes beyond what participating in high school sports already provides.

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Champions Together

Consistent with the fourth tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, Champions Together is a collaborative partnership between the IHSAA and Special Olympics Indiana that promotes servant leadership among student-athletes while providing athletic opportunities for high school students with intellectual disabilities.

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