In celebration of Commissioner Cox's recent retirement, the IHSAA Foundation is proud to announce the creation of the Bobby and Kathy Cox Endowment Fund.

Every donation is matched by the Foundation $2 for $1!

Thank you to Kathy and Commissioner Cox for your many years of service to the IHSAA and Education-Based Athletics!

Click Here to Donate to the Bobby and Kathy Cox Endowment Fund!

Role of the Foundation

  1. Provide personal and professional development opportunities for high school coaches and athletic directors.
  2. Provide leadership development opportunities for student-athletes.
  3. Encourage and reward community service performed by IHSAA student-athletes and coaches.
  4. Support Unified Sports programs for aspiring high school athletes with developmental/intellectual disabilities.
  5. Provide grants to member-schools for initiatives designed to enrich the experience of potential and current student-athletes.
  6. Support deserving student-athletes in their pursuit of post-secondary education opportunities.


InSideOut Initiative

Consistent with the first tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, the purpose of the InSideOut Program is to transform the “win-at-all-costs” sports culture into an opportunity to teach life lessons that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

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Habitudes for Athletes

Consistent with the second tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, Habitudes for Athletes is designed to help develop character and leadership skills among student-athletes beyond what participating in high school sports already provides.

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Champions Together

Consistent with the fourth tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, Champions Together is a collaborative partnership between the IHSAA and Special Olympics Indiana that promotes servant leadership among student-athletes while providing athletic opportunities for high school students with intellectual disabilities.

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