The IHSAA and IHSAA Foundation are currently offering an Officiating course within the curricular day that allows students an opportunity to develop communication, management and leadership skills while providing an avenue for employment during high school as well as post-secondary graduation. To donate to this cause, please visit the link below:

Click Here to Donate to the Officiating 101 Initiative

Inside Out Initiative

How do coaches define success? Is it by the numbers on the scoreboard? Or is there a higher standard?

Through a partnership with the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL Foundation, the InSideOut Initiative, funded in part by the IHSAA Foundation, transforms the “win-at-all-costs” sports culture into an opportunity to teach life lessons that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

The program asks coaches penetrating questions like, “Why do I coach?” and “How does it feel to be coached by me?”

As a result of redefining the purpose of participating in high school sports, coaches learn how to teach more than strategy and physical skills. They also are taught how to emphasize the importance of leading productive, morally rich, empathetic lives. And that’s what education-based athletics are all about.

The goal of the IHSAA Foundation is to have enough resources so that every high school coach in Indiana can participate in the InSideOut Initiative.

Download the InSideOut Initiative's 2020 Impact Report.

Champions Together

High school student-athletes in Indiana have strong bodies and active minds. They are models of achievement both on the playing field and in the classroom. Participating in the Champions Together Program gives them the opportunity to enrich their spirit as well.

Champions Together is a collaborative partnership between the Indiana High School Athletic Association, the IHSAA Foundation and Special Olympics Indiana that promotes servant leadership among student-athletes. It is “collaborative” in every sense of the word because it encourages athletes to work hand-in-hand with students in their school who have intellectual disabilities.

Anchor activities of the Champions Together Program include participation in the IHSAA Unified Track and Field State Tournament and the newly created IHSAA Flag Football State Tournament. Both give student-athletes an opportunity to exchange skill sets and experiences with classmates they might not otherwise meet.

Your contribution to the IHSAA Foundation will support the continued growth of the Champions Together Program so that it includes more schools and embraces more students.

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